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1. Where is Your Church?

The body hosts the Spirit of God, a sort of a temple you would say.  So, we are where you are.   You are always in Church.  We do not own or ever have had physical buildings.  We (our Churches) are spread all over South Africa.  We respect “our Church” and look after it in many ways.  We make “our Churches” work for us and use them as tools to inspire and help others to do the same.  We therefore do not use a building as a replacement of what God already created.  Our Lecturer (the Holy Spirit – TRUTH) has been with us since conception and will remain with us till death.  If we trust and follow that inner voice, we will have no real need for a building.  Too much emphasis is placed on buildings.  As we can see, and it is a fact that many church buildings are either not used or half empty.

2. What is the Minister’s position in the Church?

They are not “in charge” of any part of the Church –members – groups.  They are there to assist and guide.  They do not set rules for any group or member to follow.  They will assist the initial set up of any house group and will, once a month attend the operational functioning of the group.  They will also attend a house group when invited.  They do all the funerals, christenings, weddings and other official tasks.

3. What are these ‘House Groups’ about?

A house group consists of 25 members. They are called brothers and sisters.  They get together every week on a given day to share Christian experiences and hear inspirational talks.  The inner workings of a house group is the same as that of a family.  The relationship between brothers and sisters.  They care for each other, help, assist and teach each other just like a family would do.  In a house group everyone gets a chance to teach or to ask questions (teaching is preaching).  In a house group everyone is equal in all respects.  In a house group each member’s house gets a chance to be used for the gathering.  Once a group becomes bigger than 25 then a new group is formed.  Sometimes group members move to other areas where they either join new groups or start a group of their own.  In the latter case of starting a new group they will inform one of the Ministers who will assist them.  All groups are self-standing networks.  Some have plumbers, doctors or tradesmen among them, no member charges another member for his or her services.  It’s all free, as long as you are a brother or a sister of that group.  It is the same, like you would not charge your brother or your sister for assisting you.   

4. What Church Fees are involved?

There are no fees involved.  Your “tenth” is now your gift to your “family”, your brothers and sisters.  The Church does not need your money !! We’ve never used it, never asked for it and never will.  We built our foundations not on financial equities, acquisitions, buildings or to impress to the world how successful we are, but rather on community care where we are.  The people that we come in contact with, we spread and share goodwill.  These things you cannot buy or have shares in (remember the story of the rich man in the Bible?) 

5. Do members of TACOT pay for a wedding?

No, they do not, nor for funerals, christenings, vow renewals, or any other Minister’s function.  However, the Church will charge fees to non-members for their time, fuel and expenses. 

6. What is the belief of the Church?

In short, we believe in the Father (God Himself), His Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

  • We believe that the Truth (the Holy Spirit) has taken on the task to assemble, prepare and guide all God’s believers to Him. 
  • We believe in following the Truth till the end of days. 
  • We believe in a non-racial, non-discriminatory society of believers that is supportive, care-giving and understanding. 
  • We believe that all God’s creations are to be respected, cared for and to be enjoyed in a non-harmful way. 
  • We do not preach about sinning, as we believe that that is the work of the Holy Spirit. 
  • We follow our religious beliefs in small family-like groups that treat each other like brothers and sisters. 
  • We believe in long term herbal holistic treatments that use drugs and chemicals only as a last resort. 
  • We believe in faith healing and the understanding of our own journey whilst on earth. 
  • We do not recruit or ask anyone to join our Church, we believe they should join of their own free will. 
  • We are not a new religion, we are just following the Holy Spirit.

7. TACOT is so different to other Churches – Why?

You cannot compare us with other Churches because of our fundamental principles and beliefs, our inner workings and our operational functions.  Also, other Churches have a distinctive leader, elder, preacher, or head of the Church.  But with us, YOU are that person.  We all look up at YOU.  We only follow the Truth (the Holy Spirit), we are guided by our Minister and our brothers and sisters, no-one is in charge.  The group decides what is right and good.  For example in our Church we encourage everyone to ask the speaker questions right through the service.  You see that way we all learn.  There is no time limit on the duration of a service. It can be 10 minutes or 3 hours.  In our Church the Minister being a guide, only facilitates and is not holding a more senior position than the newest member.  We are all equal servants of the Holy Spirit (Truth) on a journey.  Remember we do not teach about the future just the present. This makes us unique and most certainly different. 

8. How Do I Join TACOT?

You do not join TACOT, but simply choose their way of worshipping and believing.  The easiest way is to get together a group of like-minded people who have been informed about TACOT. Then you call on one of our Ministers to come and set the ball rolling.  The Minister will explain the worshipping format, days of worshipping and design a way forward.  The Minister will once a month join to assist, guide and advise your group.  Each group then decides its own special days of worshipping depending on the group members availability.  The meeting method and format of worshipping will usually stay about the same.  We do not copy any other religious group’s methods, ways or formats.  So, in short, anyone, anywhere at anytime start a TACOT home group as long as they remember not to exceed the 25 membership per group.  Each group is independent of each other but all are kept informed via the “TACOT House Group – Way”, what is happening within the other groups areas and provinces.  This informative bulletin is the only booklet that shows where we are, how we have grown, what we have been doing etc.  It comes out once a year.  Don’t forget house groups can also visit other groups by way of invite. 

9. How Do I Become a Minister with TACOT?

You apply via the National Administrator (see website).   You will receive a 7 year practical and study plan.  After each year you will be assessed.  Should you pass you move on with your training plan.  Should you fail you will move back a year (we’ve never had a trainee fail). Trainee Ministers travel far more than Ordained Ministers.  Home groups invite them more often to give them the experience they deserve.  Did you know, TACOT’s national administrational functions are done by it’s trainees.  The 7 years is meant to be fun.  You remember better and learn faster if it’s fun. But it is still a demanding and difficult period that is meant to mould and shape the trainee in preparing him/her for their future role being a part-time or full-time Minister.

Should you have any other questions please click here and pose your question.  We will gladly respond via our Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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