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There are many types of gardens. Some we like, some we don’t. Most gardens leave us with some sort of impression or thought. Every garden has a keeper. A garden’s beauty lies in the eye of the keeper. He understands his garden and knows what the seasons will bring. He adapts his garden to the shape and shade, even the protection it needs. The keeper of the garden takes note of the sun, wind, rain, insects and other garden invaders both natural and non-indigenous.

For us that stroll past or spend some time in the garden, we only see the moment of impact. We only smell the scent of the moment. We only become aware of the presentation as it appears to our state of mind at that moment in time. We compliment the garden and its beauty, but forget the keeper.

We forget the hours of cleaning, weeding, pruning, watering, bending, tying, shaping and re-shaping. We forget the ground preparation, feeding, soil fertilizing and rock removing. We forget the tears when one single plant dies or was broken or stolen. When that eye-catching flower is no more. When someone stepped on it or the wind damaged it. Even when the scorching sun burns it and its leaves fall helplessly to the ground. All this is far from our mind as we wander in the eye-catching breath taking beauty.

The garden brings some sort of peace to our rat race mind, it forces us to feel Natures impact on what we cannot create. Ask the engineer to make you a flower or build you a tree. Ask the scientist to bring forth a forest smell as real as Nature’s own. No one can duplicate Nature nor manipulate it without consequences. The delicacy with which Nature balances the natural elements cannot be created without disturbing some other balance.

Yet the keeper of the garden takes painstaking time to harmonize his garden. He works with Nature and watches Nature’s reaction to every lesson he is taught. Nature rules all the work of the keeper of the garden. In the end when all is in place and tranquility has been achieved, Nature takes over and harmony brings forth peace. It then rewards all that see it with all its glory, fragrant and lush. The birds of Heaven spend their time feeding and nesting. The insects are called upon to do their bit and so does every thing we normally don’t understand play its role in the keeper’s garden.

Some of our gardens need to get the keeper jacked up. It needs the keeper to be taken to task. We are the product of our keeper. Like the old saying goes “You are not the product of your parents (or the circumstances) no, you are the results of your thoughts”. What have you done today to get your keeper off his lazy- boy chair? When last was your keeper cleaning, cutting, nursing, watering or even weeding your garden? What are the bushes of rubbish doing in your once beautiful garden? Where have the flowers gone? What happened to the soil? Are you not perhaps thirsty? The thorn bushes, should they not be trimmed? Do I see your garden being lonely; is no one wandering in it any more?  Are you disappointed at the state of affairs in your garden?

I wonder who is to blame? No one will give you flowers, you have to plant your own. No one will water your lilies you have to do it yourself. No one will cut or prune, you need to do it when the time has arrived. No one will visit and enjoy your garden if it is over grown with weed. No one will help you clear the insects that attack your leaves. You are the keeper of your garden. Every thing you plant will grow, make sure you plant thoughtfully as the results can be devastating, painful and unpleasant.

So, next time you see someone’s garden spare a thought for all the hard work, maintenance and ideas that went into it. Think of all the trials and errors that come along with the end result. Remember what you see wrong in their garden is what you need to prevent in yours. Don’t for a minute think your garden will withstand the test of time. Remember, before you so eagerly jump out to help in someone’s garden, you might just pull out the best plant that garden will ever have and cause Nature more work or damage, and that, you cannot repair.

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