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Here I Am

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This is a statement used often in the Bible and many other religious books as a way for a servant of God to proclaim his or her readiness or commitment to Him.


What does this entail? How does this affect us?


In this “modern” world of ours we seldom hold true to what we say. What does it say on your voice mail? “The subscriber you have dialed is unavailable but if you leave a message he/she will get back to you as soon as they can”. Do you phone this person back if it is not vitally important? For that matter even if it is vitally important? You tell someone you will phone them back tomorrow with an answer to there query. How often do you?


I could go many ways from here and elaborate on issues of this “modern” world we live. What I want to focus on though is the statement, “Here I am.”


I will help you. I will be there. These statements can only be proven true when you act upon them.

So when the servants of God said, “Here I am”, they made themselves accountable for all they do.  By taking a stand they said that they would do What God wanted them to do no matter what.


Here I am. Not a very hard thing to say. It could mean that you have just arrived somewhere. But the context it is used in here makes it a powerful statement of faith.  It means carrying on no matter what. With faith comes strength, the strength to carry on even if it means losing all the worldly goods you have required or going against all your family. Faith creates believe or visa versa that gives you the strength and willingness to go and help without selfishness.


Will you say, “Here I Am”?


The question is not, who you are nor where you are, not when you will be or have you been?

It is not asking if you are equipped or if you are educated. It is also not asking if you have the right qualities or the financial status, if you are a trainer or trainee or someone that knows everything.


It is asking if you have belief or faith to lead your life in an “accountable” way and stand for your beliefs. Beliefs need not necessary be religious nor detectable by our senses.


“Here I am” is a leap of faith a jump into the uncertain without any explanations or rewards. There are no expectations and no rewards just unconditional readiness.


Are you ready to say, “Here I am”?

What ever the task is I will be there complete it.

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