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Who will walk the rough uphill with me? Who will make the pain still and ease the thoughts. Who will feed me when I cannot reach? Who will speak when I need to hear? Who will help when I am lost? Who will come when I call? Who will understand when I feel lonely? Who will have patience with me when my walk is slow and difficult? Who will I trust with my deepest secrets? Who really know my desires and wishes? Who determines my way? Who weeps when I cause the pain? Who cares for the harsh words that I must endure? Who feeds my enquiring mind when I don’t have the answers? Who picks me up when I fall? Who teaches me to love, care and consider when I am full of hate, don’t care or consider others?


Who was, is and will always be the same when I am ever changing? Who slows me down when I want to run away? Whose are these second sets of foot prints in the beach sand? Who saved my life so many times when I did not even realize it? Who made me happy when I was so deeply unhappy? Who wiped my tears when I cried? Who made me overcome the terrible fear I had? Who makes me laugh when I am so sad? Who always recognizes my wonderful, great and unique talents when I have no self confidence? Who watches over me when I sleep? Whose voice do I hear so clearly when I try so hard to ignore it? Who is happy about my future when I see only the mess of my past?  


Who am I to question His love and care so undeserving flowing through my veins and affecting every moment of my thoughtless life? Who am I to ask when I seldom to never give? Who am I to utter His Name as if it’s a commercial commodity? Who am I to think I deserve better, more or different? Who am I to tell others how to serve Him? Who has made me so special to be bossy over anyone? Who has given me the gifts I call mine and so often brag with? Who has made me a Judge? Who am I to ask you to follow my example? Who has given me the power to take any living being’s life? Who am I, being far less than you, to use you to my advantage?


Who … is, YOU! Who is me, all of us are “Who” from birth to death we are part of Who. When God created us in His resemblance, He placed His breath (Spirit) in our bodies. He filled our hearts with His love, care and understanding. He gave us the freedom of choice and sent His Son to teach us the way. He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us till He comes for us. He reminded us that we are all brothers and sisters, all one family, all His children. Should I hurt anyone’s feelings or create any harm to anybody it will be as if I did it directly unto Him. Should I ignore another’s pain and hardships, should I fail to be helpful or compassionate, it will be as if I did it unto Him. Should I ignore my “brother or sister’s” call or pretend to be preoccupied it will be as if I have done it unto Him.


So I ask you ……             Who are YOU ?


Should I recognize you by the way you live, dress, and talk, by your actions or passions? And if we both fail to recognize each other, I pray that God retake control of my life.

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