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The African Church Of Truth


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I am not I because you are you and
you are not you because I am I.

We are not each other nor
can we be like each other.


Never did I know anyone like I.

We have never met ourselves nor did you.

Yet, we all give advice and we all know what to do.


I am the priority of importance to all who know me.

I can ignore, boost, brag, pest, be a pain and it’s all ok.

I will tramp on people, accuse, judge, laugh and spite them.

I shall hurt their feelings, hate their wealth, gossip and tell tales.

I might even pretend to be their friend, confidant or pillar as long as I gain in the process. Living off the fat of the land and pleading poverty.

I have become an expert in hiding things. Now I don’t even know how, when, by whom, or why it all started and if there is any real value in it for me after all. Now I feel as if all walls are closing in on me. I am full of guilt and shame, a real sorrowful face. I blame every one and every thing for my failures, problems and situations. I am you, you see in

the mirror a true reflection of yourself. See the pain I carry, the

 load of fear, worries, emotional scars, loneliness, sadness,

 hate, depression, and anxiety. Why point a finger when

 three point back? All I have to do to rectify my

 life rests within me. It’s me. When me

has conquered I, then only you

 are left. For only GOD

 is the real I.



“Me” is that truthful, transparent reflection of my own inner voice in you.

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