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Rose Ceremony

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Rose Ceremony



Find below, a typical Rose Ceremony.  Minor adjustments may be in order for YOUR wedding.


You are all welcomed to witness the ROSE CEREMONY.  Where this couple has come here to make public their love for each other.  To give each other their Truth, to declare their choice to live as Partners and to grow together, in your presence.  They have also come here in the further hope that their ritual bonding will help bring us all closer together.  If you are here today with a Spouse, or a Partner, let this ceremony be a reminder, a re-dedication of your own loving bond. 


[First Reading, Poem, Song]


We ask ourselves the question “Why Get Married?”  The couple here today has answered this question for themselves.  Now, I will ask them to share their answer with all of us.  [To the couple…]  Now, you have told me, it is your firm understanding that you are not entering into this marriage for reasons of security, and that the only real security is not in owning or possessing, nor in being owned or possessed, nor in demanding or expecting, not even in hoping, that what you think you need in life will be supplied by the other.


But rather in knowing that everything you need in life, all the love, all the wisdom, all the insight, all the power, all the knowledge, all the understanding, all the nurturing, all the compassion, all the caring, all the strength, resides within you.  And that you are not marrying each other, in hopes of getting these things, but rather in hope to give these things, so that the other might have them in even greater abundance.


Is that your firm understanding today?


[The couple say]  “It is”.


Further, you have told me it is your firm understanding that you are not entering into this marriage, as a means of in any way limiting, controlling, hindering, or restricting each other from any true expression and honest celebration of that which is the highest and best within you.  Including your love of God, your love of Life, your love of People, your love of Creativity, your love or Work, or any aspect of your being which genuinely represents you and brings you joy.


Is that your understanding?


[The couple say]  “It is”.


And finally, you have said to me, that you do not see this marriage as producing obligations, but rather as providing opportunities.  Opportunities for growth, for self-expression, for living your lives to the highest potential, for healing every false thought or negative idea you ever had about yourself, and for ultimate reunion with God through the union of your two souls.  That you see this ceremony today as a Holy Communion, a journey through life, with the one you love as an equal partner, sharing equally both the authority and the responsibilities inherent in this partnership.  Bearing equally what burdens there may be, rejoicing equally in the glories.


Is that the vision you wish to enter into now?


[The couple say]  “It is”.


[Minister / Parents get 2 Red Roses from table]


I give you these 2 Red Roses, symbolising your individual understanding of these earthly things, as well as giving each other your materialistic worlds.


By giving each other a Red Rose you are now publicly expressing that you are willingly sharing everything that you have and everything that you are.


[2 White Roses with the rings attached are presented to the Minister] 


Now please, each of you, take a White Rose for this will now be your symbol of your larger understanding, your Spiritual nature and your Spiritual truth.  The rose symobolises the purity of your real and higher self, and the purity of God’s love which shines upon you now and always.


[The couple takes the roses and remove the rings]


As the white rose will fade with time, and eventually die, what symbols do you bring as a reminder of the promises that you have made today for each other?


[The couple says] “These rings”.


I have noticed the rings. A circle is the symbol of the Sun, and the Earth.  It is a symbol of Holiness and perfection and peace.  It is also the symbol of the eternity of Spiritual truth, love and life.  In these rings there is no beginning and no end.  You have chosen these symbols to place on each other’s fingers as a reminder, a symbol of unity, and an unrestricting soul. 


Now… please take the ring and place it upon the finger of your Soul mate, and repeat after me.




Now… please take the ring and place it upon the finger of your Soul mate, and repeat after me.




Now that you have given each other these symbols, please join hands.


[The couple lift the ring-bearing hands and say the following…] “Before God and this congregation, I take you, as my wedded partner, as I declare that there is no lawful impediment to this marriage, and we call on all here present to witness”.


[The Minister says…]


Therefore then, in the presence of these, your Friends and Family, and the one living Spirit, we observe joyfully, that you have declared yourselves to be Husband and Wife.


[Last Reading, Poem, Song]






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