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Unity Sands Ceremony

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Joining your lives as One
Pouribg of the Sand


Sand Ceremonies can be done ANYWHERE but they are beautiful and more meaningful when done as part of a Beach Wedding. Beach weddings are growing in popularity. There’s something very special about being outdoors, having an ocean breeze wash over you and your guests. It’s very magical.


By using different colours of sand, the pouring of the sands becomes even more impressive.  You can coordinate the colours of the sands with your home décor. The pouring of two different coloured sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom’s materialistic lives together.


Remember to choose the right “JOURNEY VASE” and the right colour of sand as this will not only be important on the day of your wedding but also as a long term reminder as it stands on your mantelpiece.


This ceremony requires THREE SMALL VASES, two are filled with sand and the third, slightly larger and fancier is used to combine these two.  Some couples pour the sand from two sea shells. The two empty vases are then given by the couple, to the Mothers of the couple symbolizing a remembrance of their child.  You can also ask the minister to scoop up a little sand from the beach with a sea shell and pour it into the bigger, fancier vase to symbolize the building of their foundation on the Word of God. A nice touch is to pour the coloured sands into a small "heart-shaped" bottle. Later, you can melt some wax to seal it to hold the sand in place and then seal it with a cork or lid. Have your names and your wedding date etched in the glass bottle prior to the ceremony.


During the sand pouring the minister reads the text below (or any text you choose), the bride and groom pour the two vases of sand into the third container simultaneously.



“(Bride) and (Groom), today you will commit yourselves to one another through sacred vows. Your lives will no longer be two, but one. To symbolize this Bond, we ask you now to pour the sand from your individual glasses into the “Journey Vase”, and by mixing the sands you intertwine your lives. Just as your two lives together now will be joined to become one, so will the individual sands become one as they are poured. Symbolizing the unification of your materialistic lives as one – inseparable before God.  Therefore then, by pouring the sand you indicate your willingness to commit yourself to this Bond.


It would be impossible to separate these sands, just as it would be impossible to separate (Bride/Groom) and (Groom/Bride)'s souls after today.


By pouring the sand you also commit here today, to share the rest of your lives, each others worldly possessions. 


This ceremony is a Bond, pledged between two people who love each other and who have agreed that they will commit themselves to one another throughout their lives by sharing all that they Had, Have, and Will Have.


The individual glasses of sand will no longer exist, and have no part in your new life.  Give them now to your Mothers who have witnessed this Bond. 

Unity Sands

Choose 2 colours that are the most 'meaningful' to you in your life

Choose colours to match the 'theme' of your Wedding day 

Choose Colours that will compliment your 'Home Décor'

If you are 'blending families', select a different colour for each member of the family

The cost of the Unity / Journey Vase and 2 Sands is additional - please enquire.

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