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Create your own Wedding Ceremony that reflects who you are – That is exactly what we encourage all our couples! Don’t copy someone else’s Wedding it will never be your own. Work with your Minister he has years of experience and will guide and assist you with improvements.

The magic lays in allowing a balance between humour, romantic, uniqueness, joyfulness and celebrating content.


Your Ceremony
A Typical Wedding Procedure 
Traditional Christian Ceremony | 'Old' Traditional Ceremony


It is worth remembering that at the time of booking the church for the wedding ceremony, you should also check with the minister regarding exactly what is and isn’t allowed in his or her church. This includes entrance and exit music (we have heard of instances where the minister objected to the couple’s choice of music).


Similarly, before asking someone to sing at your wedding, check that the minister has no problem with this. Other suggested points to discuss are as follows:


- Is there a ruling regarding exactly when the marriage may take place (date, hours, etc)?

- Are there any restrictions to do with flowers on the day you have chosen? (Some churches do not allow flowers during Lent or on certain days in the church festival calendar.)

- What is the church policy with regard to confetti? Today, many churches don’t welcome its use - if so, find out what the other options are.

- Will the church organist be available to play at the service and how many hymns will be sung?

- If you are planning to write your own wedding vows (see The Vows), does the minister have any objections?


Find out about the church policy relating to the taking of photographs and/or videos during the service, and whether there is any objection to this during the exchange of vows.


You might wish to ask the minister whether you may have a Unity Candle. This is a large candle which is lit by the bride and groom at the ceremony to symbolise their lives becoming one; the candle is then kept by them and relit on each anniversary, to remind them of their vows to each other. A wonderful way to start a family tradition, and a meaningful reminder of the importance of the marriage vows.


Just ensure that the candle is not too big, as this will make it difficult to light - and don’t forget the matches on the day!


Finally, remember that it is the best man’s responsibility to ensure that the minister, choir, all musicians, singers and anyone else involved in the ceremony, are paid - so make sure that this is sorted out in advance.



Firstly, the music chosen to accompany the bride’s entrance and walk down the aisle should be long enough to allow her to get to the altar. This may sound obvious, but I heard a delightful story about a bride who was marrying in a small, quaint chapel. The organist decided that, as the trip down the aisle would be a short one, she wouldn’t need to take the full piece of music with her - a few strains of ‘The Wedding March’ would be sufficient.


On the day, the organist started up as the bridal retinue arrived at the chapel door and was horrified when, instead of proceeding down the aisle, the bride - who was totally overcome by the occasion - dissolved in tears at the entrance. While she regained her composure, the organist had to repeat the same bars of ‘The Wedding March’, over and over again!


If you plan to have a singer entertaining your guests while you sign the register, discuss a suitable piece of music to be sung.



Many couples are today putting their own stamp on the wedding vows by changing the wording, or adding their own. If you plan to do this, discuss it in advance with the minister to see if he has any reservations.


Excerpts from the following may provide you with ideas and inspiration: the ‘Song of Songs’ by Solomon in the Old Testament of The Bible; the widely-known passage on love in 1 Corinthians, chapter 13; the beautiful poem on marriage from `The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran.


As mentioned, don’t forget to ask the minister about church policy relating to photographs and videotaping during the service, and whether there is any objection to this during the exchanging of vows.


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Your Ceremony, unlike any your friends have ever seen, will make maximum use of choreography, imagery, dramatics and stage presence to render a ceremony that you, and they, have dreamed of.  Using the best elements of traditional wedding ceremonies, it will avoid their shortcomings by maintaining a much livelier tempo of events and use of participants such as candle lighting, giving roses to VIP females, wine sharing, and readings from guests.

The ceremony will at all times be visually impressive and engaging as the audience will be treated to seeing you rather than staring at your backs and wondering.  And guests will applaud the novelty of your wedding, scoring you much higher for uniqueness and artistic expression rather than rigidly duplicating for them every wedding they've already seen.

Confident in your well designed and thoroughly rehearsed ceremony, my directorship during its performance will easily allow you to be calm, up-beat and at your best. That's why I take the lead in developing all aspects of the ceremony - helping musicians; photographers and videographer understand their opportunities as well.



Sometimes couples prefer to have a very private and intimate Wedding with maybe just the parents or the witnesses present. In those cases TACOTSA has on site a small wooden Chapel that can accommodate a maximum of 6 people inclusive of the Wedding Couple.

Booking of the Chapel is essential, to do so email  


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