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The African Church Of Truth

The Perfect Church

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The Perfect Church

If you should find the perfect church

Without one fault or smear,

For goodness sake don’t join that church,

You’d spoil the atmosphere.


If you should find the perfect church

Where all anxieties cease,

Then pass it by lest joining it –

You’d spoil the masterpiece.


If you should find the perfect church

Then don’t you ever dare

To tread upon such holy ground

You’d be a misfit there.


But since no perfect church exists

Made of perfect men,

Let’s cease looking for that church,

And LOVE the church we’re in.


Of course it’s not the perfect church

That’s simple to discern

But you and I and all of US

Could cause the tide to turn.


What fools we are to flee our past

In the unfruitful search

To find at last, where problems loom

God proudly builds HIS CHURCH.

I came across this little verse which I would like to share.  It is taken from ‘Faith For Daily Living’.  Perhaps some of you have already read it.  It is sometimes good to peruse it again.


“How Would We” –


How would we know that the sun was bright,

If we never saw the rain?

How would we know that we feel so well –

If we never suffered pain?


How would we know we were so happy,

If we never had heartaches to bear?

And how would we know we are needed

If we never had someone to care?


How would we know what Faith is

If nothing ever went wrong?

And how would we know what music is

If we never heard a song?


And how would we know what laughter is

If we never shed a tear?

And how would we know what courage is

If we never cringed with fear?


How would we know what hate is

If we hadn’t been given love?

And how would we know what life is

If there were no GOD above?


You are not alone in this journey, and if you feel the need to partner with someone do let me know, OR, bring that partner along to our next meeting where a warm welcome will be waiting for them.

“Dwell in me as I in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself, but only if it remains united with the vine.  No more can you bear fruit unless you remain united with me”

John 15:4


Jesus said “It is meat and drink for me to do the will of Him who sent me until I have finished his work”.

John 4:34

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