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ABOUT ME... Reverend Estelle Janse Van Rensburg

I was born in a small town called Blyvooruitzig in the Northern Transvaal. I'm the youngest member of the family.

What drive me is challenges, people and where I can help and do for others what make them happy. I still currently looking after my mother which is 79 years of Age. All my life I was the one providing and ensuring that we have what we need.

My Journey were as follows: -

As child, we were indoctrinated into Religion whether I believed in its rules or foundations or not. I Enjoy dealing with people and make the people of this life happy and joyful. Later, I then got diagnosed along my journey with colon cancer. This did not stop me but rather inspired me to start my own business. God had blessed me in many ways and that started to lead the way to follow my believes. Still had the love and willingness to provide a service to others, help support and counsel.

Then the calling came to me seek and give time and energy to like-minded believers. I was surprised to find that TACOTSA was exactly the way I believe and fell at home instantly. I strongly believe in their Founding Statement. After years of training I am now appointed as a Revd at TACOT and are also appointed as a MARRIAGE OFFICER by the Department of Home Affairs to preside over Section 2 & 5 Marriages

Should you have any enquiries related to The African Church Of Truth also known as TACOT (SA), it's operational and geographic areas, the belief structure and systems applicable to it's constitution, feel free to contact the National Chairman of the Church National Board of The African Church Of Truth of South Africa at:-


Are empowered in terms of the Marriage Act and the Civil Union Act of South Africa to legally perform marriages, and are registered, tested and appointed by the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa and as such will comply with all the legal requirements within these Act's. Any person who may require proof of such may request via email to the National Church Spokesperson and Chairman of the Board of Directors at as per the Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2 of 2000) of South Africa.

At TACOT you will find a place where you have an impartial friend who will happily listen, understand and share without judgement.

At TACOT we EXCHANGE, SUPPORT and COMMUNICATE to make lives better.

We support our Communities as the core principal and underlying foundation of our beliefs.


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