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Renewal of Your Wedding Vows

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Is it time to renew your Vows? Book now !!!!!

Should you want to celebrate your longstanding happy marriage in a wedding renewal ceremony, we can help you give appropriate expression to that occasion. All you have to do is to complete the form at the bottom of this page and send it to us. 
Maybe you want to show your Partner, your Friends and your Family just how truly in love you are.
Maybe you didn't get quite the 'glitzy' wedding that you hoped for and you want to re-create the ceremony.
Renewing your Vows can be a fabulously 'fun' and 'meaningful' thing to do,


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Your re-affirmation or Renewal of Vows ceremony can be performed at wedding anniversaries or when a particularly difficult patch in a marriage has passed, or when a couple feels that their relationship has been strengthened by their marriage and wish to express and renew their vows of love and commitment to each other.

Couples who have been separated (due to different circumstances) and are re-united find that this type of ceremony helps them to make a fresh more meaningful start. It is an expression of how a couple feel about each other, usually conducted on a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary.

The Renewal of vows
is not only an expression of love for each other, but also a remembrance of the times past and of a renewal of hopes for the future. This type of ceremony is full of warmth and feelings creating a unique atmosphere of love and tender commitment.

The participation of children, family or close friends is encouraged, although not essential.

The Renewal of Marriage Vows ceremony
can be held in the privacy of your own home, a park, restaurant, or venue of your choice.

Renewal of  Vows is a recommitment to a promise ..




A renewal of wedding vows ceremony must be a meaningful, touching, revivifying, emotional and romantic ceremony for you and your children, family and friends.

As a married couple, it is a time to pause and reflect on where you have been and where you are going. 

It is also a wonderful example to set for your children and grandchildren.  Can you imagine a more beautiful scene than children watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they affirm the magnitude and strength of their enduring love?

Just as with any wedding planning, you should begin by figuring out what style of ceremony you'd like. Talk to Rev. Brits as he has presided over dozens of ‘Vow renewal ceremonies’. Then decide on a budget, pick a date and find a venue that will be able to host your ceremony.

Some couples who are older will have much more money than when they got married the first time. The good news is that vow renewals are generally cheaper than first weddings, and with less rules on what "should" be done, you can really concentrate on the elements that are important to you.

Maybe you want to say again the words you said last week on the beach, in front of all your nearest and dearest. Or reminding yourselves of what you promised all those years ago. This is an opportunity for both of you to really think about how you feel about your relationship, if the last time you exchanged vows was decades ago. Children, close relatives, and special friends can do readings, and you can have meaningful music playing, just as you would at a wedding ceremony.

Sometimes children host a renewal of vows for their parents. You can renew your vows in a house of worship, at home, on the beach, in a pretty garden or park, on a mountaintop, or on a cruise - basically, anywhere that has sentimental meaning for both of you.

Vow Renewal Considerations

       When do we want to renew our vows?

       What kind of budget can we afford for a vow renewal?

       Where do we want to have our vow renewal: home or away?

       Who should officiate at our vow renewal?

       Do we want to write and recite our own vows?

       Who do we want to invite to our vow renewal? Will we need invitations?

       Should we plan on having our children participate?

       Do we want to record our vow renewal in photographs and/or on video?

       Do we want to re-use our wedding rings or have new ones made?

       Do we want to exchange gifts to commemorate this day?

       What should we wear at our vow renewal?

       Do we want particular music played at our vow renewal?

       Should we have our vow renewal catered, or will cake and champagne suffice?

       Do we want to include any special friends or memories from our wedding in our vow renewal?

Should You Have a Reception?

       Of course! The party can be any style, from a casual backyard braai to an intimate family dinner to a cocktail party or dinner as large and complex as a traditional wedding reception.

       There can be dancing, a cake - the works. You might bring along your original wedding album and the Wedding video for guests to take a trip down memory lane, as well as family photos through the years of your marriage.

       At some point during the celebration, the two of you can thank and/or toast family members and special friends for what they've contributed to your marriage over the years. And you'll probably be toasted by many of them.

       Be sure to hire a photographer to capture the event on film - in 20 more years, perhaps you'll renew your renewal!

       If you have children,  give them a special role in the ceremony.

       Don't walk down the aisle alone. Have your children escort you, or, better yet, walk down the aisle together.

The Ceremony

The setup can be any way you desire but the most romantic way is as follows:

The family and friends form a seating circle leaving a centre space of 3-4 meters for the couple. This inner circle or couples space is covered with rose petals.

The ceremony is usually held as it starts to get dark.


Romantic candles are placed at various heights and on the floor in the couple’s space. (All other lights are turned off. Making the couple’s space even more dramatic and romantic. Soft music will play throughout the sermon.


Then when everyone is ready the couple’s favourite song will announce the beginning of the sermon. The couple’s children and grand children will enter and take their seats inside the inner circle. There after the couple, walking together, come in and take their seats on cushions in the couple’s space.


The Minister proceeds to welcome the friends and family and announce the reason for this very special occasion. He will deliver a very short message and then ask the Children by name to give to the parents one at a time (starting with the Father first) a rose.


Each child will give 3 roses (yellow, white and red) to each parent.

The Yellow rose is given first, that will symbolize:-

The Father’s / Mothers good qualities.

They will say a few words about the quality of the parent.


The white rose is next and it symbolizes:-

The Father’s / Mothers parental task.

They will say a few words about their upbringing by the parents.


The last rose is the red rose and it symbolizes:-

Their love for their parents.

They will say a few words about their love towards their Father / Mother.


Then the grand children get their turn. They will do the same.


The parents / the couple will then acknowledge each other’s participation in the parental task by giving each rose he/she was given, to the other. The husband (first) will hand over all the yellow roses to his wife and compliment her on her support in the upbringing and care of the children. She will then do the same.

Then all the white roses are given and they will now acknowledge her/his importance in the family unity. The husband always starts first.

Then last, the red roses. Here the couple thank each other for each child and say a few words about each child.

Then all the roses are taken by the couple together, and placed in a jar.


The Minister then asks the couple questions on their vows and the extent of their commitment to each other. Whereupon they answer: - I DO.


The couples then give each other (starting with the husband) three roses. (Yellow, white and red)

  • When they hand over the yellow rose he/she will tell him/her what he/she has meant in his/her life since they married. (Normally a speech of 1 minute is allocated to each couple)
  • Then the white rose is given and the topic is “being my partner in good and difficult times”. For this topic each couple talks to the other for 1 minute.
  • Then…Lastly the red rose is given. And the topic is “how important you have been in this journey so far”.  Here they also have 1 minute to tell each other.

Then the Minister asks the Husband to say his Vows to his wife whereupon she answers: - “I thank God for a husband like you who has not broken your Vows to me”.

The Minister then asks the Wife to say her Vows to her husband whereupon he answers: - “I thank God for a wife like you who has not broken your Vows to me”.


The Minister then blesses the reaffirmation of their Vows and the bond of their marriage.

He then asks the children to lead the couple to their table and asks the Master of Ceremonies to take over.

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