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Designing your own cake adds to the memories and makes it more meaningful

All cakes are crafted with absolute precision and perfection and with YOU and YOUR ‘theme’ in mind.  Your cake is personalised, and the detail is handled with the utmost of care. The delivery and display of your cake on the day at your venue is very carefully handled by Hettie herself.


For an extensive selection of truly magnificent Personalised Wedding Cakes, contact the very highly recommended Hettie Jordaan  Or phone her on Cape Town (021) 782 2375, or 083 493 4231. 
Please mention this website when you contact her.





Office Hrs. 08h00 – 18h00 (Mon – Sat) Tel. +27 21 782 2375




Cake decorating is an art and considering the creative ability and the expression of this art, mastering this art could be the heart’s desire of every woman. You gain a lot of self satisfaction, become famous and to crown it, it could even become profitable. In the past couple of years cake decorating has changed dramatically, so it is usually a revelation for those who do not know the art of cake decorating. It has become essential that proper professional, in depth and detailed training be provided inclusive of the latest cake decorating art methods.



Contradictory as it may sound to the preceding claim a beautifully iced cake is by no means a temporary image.  It fascinates the eye for a while and forms a permanent part of a beautiful memory. Not only is a decorated cake appealing to the eye but it also entices the palate. Although a beautifully and elegant looking cake gets eaten the baking concept will get repeated and produced over and over again.


Continually year after year there are occasions to be celebrated. It’s a never ending circle of celebrations.   In other words for those who will be depending on making this art profitable, the potential is unlimited. Cake decorators are in high demand not only in South Africa, but all over the world. Top quality decorators earn far more than many University educated professional careers.


Hettie Jordaan, who was once commissioned to do the wedding cake for the Royal King of Swaziland, is and has been a very well known and highly qualified professional cake decorator for many years, and is a member of the Cake Decorators Guild. She offers you the unique opportunity to be trained under her personal supervision from the basic course through to the advanced course. Use this once in a lifetime opportunity to be trained by the 'best' cake decorator.

Enthusiastic Beginners Class

Mastering the Basics

Understanding the raw materials

Basic Beginnings

Trial, Patience and Perseverence

A happy group of students

Chocolate cigarellos in the making, using a flat scraper

Chocolate cigarellos to decorate sides

Chocolate Paste Flowers

Chocolate Polka Dot Collar

Collar in the making

Flowers on the go

More Chocolate flowers

Putting final decorations on cake

Wow! The finished products !!!

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